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Isaiah 52:7

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Continue Part 2: God verses Pokemon

Posted on 16 November, 2011 at 13:50 Comments comments (15)
I just couldn’t shake the thought that something was not right with these Pokémon toys and cards. As I vocally expressed my concerns about the toys, my family met my concerns with sarcasm. They mockingly informed me that I thought everything was evil or demonic”. That of course was far from the truth, but I did think that these toys and cards were.   

I started hearing stories of kids who burnt Pokémon cards for fun, and heard eerie screams coming from the cards.  I finally prayed, “Lord, if these things are truly demonic in nature, then please reveal this to my family, because they are not listening to me.”   

One night shortly after that prayer, the Lord put me into a deep sleep, I heard and saw nothing. God removed the veil, and His shield from my love ones. Why? He loved them and wanted them to know the truth. In the middle of the night, for no apparent logical reason, the bedroom walls began to make loud banging noises in my grandson’s room. My daughter and her son, who were both sleeping in that room, were both awakened by this commotion. They observed, and later informed me that the walls appeared to be breathing, as if alive, and banging noises radiated from the walls. Strange noises were also manifesting from the lower level of our house: doors banging loudly, and obvious sounds of footsteps. It was a “free for all” of demonic activities. Some would infer we had ghosts. However, we knew that ghosts and demons are one and the same. Did it get my daughter’s, husband’s and grandson’s attention? Absolutely! They ran from one room to another, while our dogs cowardly barked from a distance. The dogs knew this disturbance was not of flesh and blood. I wished more of God’s people understood— we wrestle not against flesh and blood.  Ephesians 6:12 says we wrestle against “Principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” In the midst of all of the disturbances, I slept soundly as my family’s efforts were futile in attempt to awake me, or stop this insanity in their own ability.   

The next day I awoke to three tired but anxious family members, who couldn’t wait to tell me, all that had transpired during the night. I finally had their attention, and informed them that all items connected with Pokémon should be burned. My grandson gladly gave up his cards and toy collections. As we watched them burn, my grandson disappointedly asked why there was no screaming coming from the burning items? I reminded him, that he had seen more than enough to convince him that these toys had demonic ties or entities.   

That night we were all awakened by my daughter’s screams. We ran in the room as she was running out, yelling the bunk bed she was sleeping in levitated off the floor. For the rest of the night she slept in the spare bedroom. I do want to make mention that my daughter, was an adult, not a child with a wild imagination. 

The next morning I asked my husband if he had collected all the Pokémon toys in my grandson’s bedroom? He went to check and replied, “yes”, but that didn’t make sense. Something was still amiss. I then asked my grandson to check under the bed for anything we may have missed. He returned with a toy Pokémon that he said was called, Gardevoir. This seamlessly harmless toy’s special ability is to levitate (explains the bed rising up). It also has psychokinetic power to distort dimensions (would explain the walls moving).   

There may be skeptics who would not believe the experience my family had. Skeptics who would debate that these are harmless toys with no spiritual or demonic connotations. I would simple say, “Do your homework”. Know what you are allowing in your house, and allowing your children to play with.   

You can always pray what I prayed. “Lord, I come before you, and asked you to reveal to my family and I the truth concerning ____” (Be specific regarding naming the item). “Lord, if this is demonic in nature, then please reveal this to my family, and I. I ask you to remove the spiritual veil from our eyes, that having eyes to see, we may see, and having ears to hear, we may hear what the Spirit of God is saying to us. We want to know the truth and allow the truth to set us free, in Jesus Christ name, Amen.”   

Now be prepared to face the truth and deal with it!