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Ghost Buster: Conclusion

Posted on 27 August, 2013 at 14:26
I previously wrote about visiting some friends of mine who had unwanted tenants living with them, that they referred to as ghosts. Although my friend was not disturbed in the least bit by the strange occurrences in her house, I was. I explained to my friend that there is no such thing as ghosts, but there are demons. Although my friend didn’t dispute what I said, she did admit she didn’t know how to get rid of them.      

Mark 16:17 says, ”And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils…” Nowhere in the bible did Jesus cast out ghosts, but he did cast out demons.   

So how do you get rid of an evil spirit? There is power in Jesus Christ’s BLOOD. There is no power in yelling louder, holy water or various anointing oils…    

The best way for me to explain is by sharing a part of my testimony. As soon as I received Jesus Christ into my heart and life, all hell broke out in my life. It wasn’t that blissful and joyous lifestyle that Christians had told me about.     

I was immediately confronted with tormenting spirits. I was tormented in my sleep as well as during the waking hours. Fear became my worse companion. It was during this time I not only questioned my sanity, but also my salvation.  

If God really loved me, why would he allow me to be continually tormented by demonic spirits? Why did He surround me with callus and unbelieving Christians, who also questioned my salvation? I didn’t know the plans or thoughts that God had for my life. I didn’t know then what I know now. That someday I would walk in the deliverance ministry and take back what the enemy had stolen from me and from God’s people. I surely wouldn’t be writing articles or books on deliverance if I had not experience it in my life, It’s strange how the devil know more about us, then we do!   

He knew my fears and weaknesses, but he also knew who I would become, and whom I belonged to. The Devil knew I, as well as you, had been purchased with the ultimate price, a life ­­for a life, which Jesus Christ paid in full at Calvary. If the enemy could get me to walk away from the truth, or commit suicide, then he would have accomplished what he planned.   

However, God has a plan too, and His plan transcends the devil and our plans. As I lay down to sleep, God began to unfold His plan, a night that would change my life forever.   

Once I fell asleep I was translated into a place of utter darkness. I stood not on solid ground but suspended in mid air. Although I was in utter darkness I could see demons all around me approximately five feet away, out of reach, but too close for comfort. They were skipping joyously around me, as I stood helplessly in the center. They were chanting, “She’s ours, she ours”. All of a sudden I heard a resounding voice speak through the darkness and despair. The voice said, “ I died for you, I shed my blood for you. There is power in my blood.” Immediately I was back in my bedroom, and the Lord said, “Open your eyes and plead the blood of Jesus.” When I opened my eyes, I saw my mother’s two little dogs on top of me. I said, “I plead the blood of Jesus Christ.” They started gagging and ran out of the room.   

I was immediately back in this place of utter darkest surrounded by demons. The Lord then began to share how powerful His blood was. He then shared with me the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father. Although I do not recall the details, nor did I remember this part of his words when I was back in my bedroom. But, at the time it was as if a light bulb lit up in me, and I understood. I began to say, “I see, I see.” At which time the demons demeanor changed from happy to disappointing, and they faded downward out of sight. I soared upwards towards a brilliant light. It was then that I realized I was in a tunnel and being propelled upwards toward the light, only to find myself side tracked back into my bedroom.    

I found myself standing by my bed, praising the Lord. My mother walked into the bedroom, and asked what was going on. She told me she saw the dogs running around, and acting strange. She said, “They ran into the bedroom where I was sleeping, and came running out of the room throwing-up.” Some demons must of entered into the dogs and the dogs, had been delivered by the blood of Jesus Christ.   

When my friend asked me how do I get rid of the ghosts (demons)? The answer was obvious, by pleading the blood of Jesus Christ and walking in the authority He has given us.   

We prayed and called for our Heavenly Father to send forth warrior angels to escort every demonic spirit out of this house. We asked for the Lord to cover us under the blood of Jesus Christ, for our protection. You must ask for the Lord to forgive you for any grounds you may have given the enemy to have access or grounds to be there. Declare that these grounds are now holy grounds and they belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have something in your home that attracts demons get rid (destroy) of it. Please don’t give it to someone else. As we walked into each room, I commanded every demon to vacate that particular room, and the house.  

Now remember without faith its impossible to please God. You must know you have been given the authority to defeat the works of the enemy. If you see or hear unusually activity, do not fear. This is what the demons want you to do, to be afraid, and doubt your authority you have in Jesus Christ. Simply command the activity to cease in Jesus Christ’s name, and command that spirit to leave now in Jesus name. Continue to apply the blood of Jesus Christ throughout the rooms.   

We then anointed the windowsills and doorpost with anointing oil, declaring, “I by faith anoint these windows and door with the blood of Jesus Christ.” We then thanked the Lord Jesus Christ for cleaning the house and delivering us from demonic activities. We thanked the Lord for blessing us with this house, and acknowledge him as our Savior and Lord.    

That night we slept peacefully. There were no longer sounds of children’s laughter or pitter-patter of little feet in the middle of the night. There were only the sounds of crickets singing, and the rustle of a summer breeze against a small white country home nestled on top of a hill.

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