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Isaiah 52:7

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Why don't we still believe?

Posted on 22 June, 2011 at 13:25
In MASKED by R.A. Vukovich, the author takes us back to our childhood and poses a question to Christians from her book on page five and six.

As a child, many of us believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. These characters fueled our imagination, inquisitive question could be avoided and the truth momentarily delayed. As we reached a certain age, the truth was eventually told us. The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny are all myths. As a child we had faith to believe what we couldn't see, but were convinced because of the evidence left behind; whether it was carefully wrapped gifts under a tree, a crinkled dollar bill under a pillow or a colorful basket filled with candy, we believed.

Do you remember as a baby Christian having faith to believe all things were possible? Your zeal and passion for God matched your faith. You knew you were a new creature in Christ. You would kick the devil and he couldn't touch you, as you ran into the loving arms of Abba Father. 

Soon the edge came down, and your boundaries increased and so did the trials. Life threw unexpected curve balls and blows, after falling down one too many times our faith dwindled instead of increasing. Why don't we still believe, the evidence of God's love, mercy and grace is there?


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